Milia Removal

What are milia?

Milia are very small, raised, partly-white or yellowish harmless bumps on the skin. These bumps are a type of skin cyst filled with a protein called keratin. They are most commonly found around the cheeks, nose, eyes, eyelids, forehead and chest.

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Can milia be removed?

There are several methods you can use at home to decrease milia formation, however this will not remove them completely. Exfoliation, oil-free suncream and reduced sun exposure are a few of the methods that can help reduce milia formation.

At Appearances Aesthetics, we offer advanced electrolysis to remove milia quickly and easily, with minimal side effects or scarring.

How does advanced electrolysis work?

Advanced electrolysis involves sending an electric current down a thin needle to destroy the targeted cells to remove the blemish.


Does advanced electrolysis hurt?

We recommend you apply a topical anaesthetic cream thickly, covered with a plaster one hour prior to the treatment to minimise discomfort during the treatment. Such creams are available from any chemist or pharmacy, such as Emla or Amitop.

Are there any side effects from the treatment?

There is no recovery time as such from advanced electrolysis; you can return to work and normal activities immediately after a treatment.

Depending on the particular skin condition being treated and the size of it, you can expect some post treatment discomfort and scabbing as the area heals.

If the area being treated is on your face, you may wish to plan treatment around social events if you do not wish to attend them before post-treatment healing has completed.

Is there any danger of infection?

Any instrument used in contact with the skin is disposed of after each use. This is especially important with the needle and the needle holder. All areas are sterilised, at least twice, with a specialised skin and instrument disinfectant.

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