Red Veins

What are red veins?

TheseĀ are small red lines, or dilated capillaries, most commonly found on the cheeks and around the nose. They can also be seen on the legs, usually on the inside of knees and on thighs.

Who do they affect?

Whilst they are often hereditary, a number of factors can predispose a person to red veins, which means anyone can be affected.

What causes them?

Red veins on the face and legs tend to run in families but can be worsened by a number of factors. On the face, general neglect, dehydration, too much sunbathing, washing with soap and exposure to harsh elements can aggravate the appearance of them. Pregnancy and excess weight are usually the prime cause of themĀ in the legs.


At Appearances Aesthetics, we offer electrolysis to remove red veins. This is a simple, easy and relatively painless process which is also used to treat other skin lesions.

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