What is Lentigo?

Lentigines are flat brown lesions collectively called Lentigo, which do not darken following sun exposure, differentiating them from freckles. There is a vast range of types of them. It can look very similar to pigmentation in the skin, especially when they are large. Lentigo in Chislehurst, Kent 3

Who is affected by it?

Anyone can be affected by lentigo. Lentigines are most common in young people and those who have had a lot of sun exposure, often covering sun-exposed sites such as the shoulders.

What causes it?

The cause of it is unknown. Multiple lentigines can occur without associated conditions, in which case the condition is referred to as lentigines profusa or generalised lentigines. When multiple lentigines occur with associated abnormalities, the condition forms its own disease entity, such as Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, Xeroderma pigmentosum, LAMB syndrome, LEOPARD synforme and Carney’s complex.Lentigo in Chislehurst, Kent 2

Treating Lentigines

Although the cause of Lentigines are not fully understood, there are a range of treatment options available

  • Cryothetapy – this involves freezing the lesion
  • Chemical peeling – this is where a chemical is applied to the face to burn off the lesion

At Appearances Aesthetics, to treat Lentigo we offer electrolysis, which is a safe, quick and easy method to remove skin lesions and pigmentation. For more information, read this information page.

Also, visit our gallery of before and after
photos using electrolysis.

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