Hints and Tips

How Old Is Your Skin?

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and hold it for 5 seconds. Let it go and count how many seconds it takes for the pinched skin to flatten out. The fewer seconds it takes, the younger “functional age” of your skin.

Time (Secs)             Functional Age

1-2                                 Under 30

3-4                                30-44

5-9                                45-50

10-15                            51-60

How Old Is Your Metabolism?

Measure your waist using a tape measure in inches. Be sure to take the measurement of your true waist – the level where your belly button is rather than at the belt line. Don’t hold your breath, stand up straight.

Men                               Women                             Age

35″ or less                       27.5″ or less                          25

35.5-36.5″                       28-31″                                    35

37-38″                             31.5-34″                                 45

38.5-39.5″                      34.5-37″                                 55

40″ and above               37.5″ and above                   65

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