Eyeliner for June 2017

My treatment of the month is Eyeliner for June 2017. 

eyeliner in chislehurst kent semi permanent makeup

eyeliner in chislehurst kent semi permanent makeup

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi permanent makeup is where small amounts of pigment are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. Semi permanent makeup is not a tattoo but also known as micro pigmentation; we do not use chemicals to give an ink. We do not go deep enough into the dermis, we only enter the epidermis which is the top layer of skin where the cells rejuvenate.

View our Gallery of before and after procedures here.

How Long Does the Pigment Last?Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 17.30.50

If analysed under a microscope, the pigment would still be in the skin forever. However from day one it does start to fade, for example, like having your hair coloured. In order to keep your procedure looking fabulous, we recommend that your colour is refreshed between 18 months to 2 years. We offer a reduced top-up rate for this procedure. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Does it hurt?

The local area is numbed prior to the permanent makeup eyeliner. Everyone experiences pain differently and at different levels. 99% of our clients say the sensation stings a little. Your eyes may water a little the first time you have this treatment, and you can expect the area to be tender after the cosmetic tattoo is applied.  You’ll hear a buzzing as the treatment is carried out, but reality is it’s not as close to your eyes as you think. The skill and the experience of your aesthetic practitioner play a big part in how little the treatment hurts.

Prior to your visit, we recommend you apply a topical anaesthetic accompanied by a plaster, applied thickly for one hour to help the comfort of your procedure. Available from any chemist or pharmacy. Eg. Emla or Amitop.

How Does The Permanent Eyeliner Treatment Work?

You can either choose a top or top and bottom permanent eyeliner from Gillian, in your choice of colour and in a thickness you desire at your consultation. You’ll see the equipment

Permanent eyeliner will last between one and three years, and we recommend an annual colour refresh so that your eyes look as visually appealing as the first time you wore eyeliner.

If you’ve never had permanent eyeliner before, you can expect about 2-3 visits with Gillian to set the colour perfect for your skin tone, and hair. All of this red carpet support is included in the price.

How Long does Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Take To Do?

Your treatment with us is a red carpet experience. Both eyes usually take less than an hour to add eyeliner to. Some of our clients bring sunglasses to wear for the rest of the day, post-treatment. The majority of our clients experience very little discomfort and soreness.

If you have the treatment in your lunch hour, you’ll be able to go back to work.

If you’re fed up with the racoon look, then permanent eyeliner is for you. Call 07711 067789 to book your Permanent makeup Eyeliner in Kent Consultation.

Clients travel from all over the world including Sweden, New Zealand and Australia, as well as London. Gillian Huntley is an award winning, experienced aesthetic practitioner.

All consultations are strictly by appointment to protect your privacy.

How much does it cost?

Semi permanent eyeliner cost £450 which will include a patch test and two sessions in order to create the perfect eyebrow.

We offer annual maintainence to keep your semi permanent makeup looking perfect at a reduced price. The standard price costs £295, however if you offer £50 in advance the yearly top up will only be £200 (£250 in total).

We can also accept monthly installments which will need to be discussed upon consultation.


I have known Gillian through the Beauty Industry for over 25 years, and hand on heart I can say she is the most Prosessional Therapist I have ever met.
She now works in my Salon as a visiting Specialist, and I have no concerns of her treating my clients.
She is approachable, honest, trustworthy and brilliant in her work of Semi Permanent Make Up and Advanced Skin Lesion Removals.
I would recommend her to anyone

Anita Black
Options Beauty Salon

How much does it cost?

To celebrate, we would like to offer a special price with 10% OFF.

When booking, please quote JUN17/10

Read more about it here.

To book a consultation please call Gillian Huntley, on 07711 067789. Working from her home clinic in Chislehurst, Kent, within easy reach of London.

To book your appointment please either call Gillian Huntley at her home based clinic Appearances Aesthetics in Chislehurst, Kent on 07711 067789, or contact us.




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Gillian Huntley

Gillian is a highly experienced medical aesthetician specialising in semi-permanent makeup and medical tattooing.

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