Aesthetics Changing Lives with Permanent Make up

Life Changing Aesthetics


Gillian works closely with those suffering with, or recovering from, a large range of conditions and illnesses, including trichotillomania, alopecia and breast cancer.

Gillian volunteers her time with charities closely working with these conditions, as well as having raised over £25,000.

She also offers treatments such as areola reconstruction and semi permanent eyebrows to help reverse the effects such conditions and illnesses may have on your appearance.

Aesthetics For Breast Cancer

Just under 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer per year. 80%  are over 50, however it affects everyone. After treatment from this condition, areola or nipple reconstructions can be arranged to boost self-confidence. For more information on this treatment we offer, click here to see our medical tattooing information page.

If you have had an operation for breast cancer and need to replace your nipples or areola this can be done using a permanent tattoo. Several colours can be  chosen and  matched to the tones of your skin.

For more information on breast cancer, visit Breast Cancer Care.

Against Breast Caner - Changing Lives

For questions or to book your treatment please Gillian Huntley. Gillian is based in Chislehurst, Kent, which is just outside of London and easily accessible. Call on 07711 067789 or complete the treatment enquiry form.

Aesthetics For Medical Conditions


Alopecia is the general medical term to describe hair loss, whether it is a small bald patch or complete loss of hair.

Life Changing Aesthetics

With semi permanent makeup, Gillian can tattoo new eyebrows for you.

For more information on Alopecia click here to visit Alopecia UK.




Also known as trichotillosis or hair pulling disorder is an impulse disorder with a compulsive urge to pull out  hair, leading to hair loss and balding.

With semi permanent makeup, Gillian can tattoo new eyebrows for you.


Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease where portions of skin lose their pigment. The death of skin pigment cells causes this.

Gillian offers pigmentation treatments to replace pigment loss and restore the consistency of the skin.


For any questions or to book your treatment please call Gillian Huntley in Chislehurst Kent, on 07711 067789 or email

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